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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about me, in between your online shopping and social media! I'm in some competitive company, so I appreciate you being here! If you want to know more about my time as a monk, a performer, all the way through to ending up at Peloton, scroll down 🌟

From jazz hands to pray hands and if you want to know a bit of trivia about me 'Serious Stuff' like my favourite LEGO set and my go-to film snack...


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After graduating from LABAN in 1999, Sam balanced his Diploma in Movement and Dance with his West End debut in 2000 at the London Palladium with the incredible production of "The King & I". After touring the UK with the infamous production, Sam also made appearances in Aladdin, Mulan, Anything Goes and various plays. A stand out moment was when he got to showcase his dramatics while performing 'Sonnets at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre'.


One of Sam's favourite shows, was back on the West End in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" where he learned to sing in Mandarin and Cantonese...In 4 weeks!


Sam ended his double decade theatre career, returning to the Lincoln Centre production "The King & I" 2018 at the Palladium.

"It was emotional to come back and finish my theatre career at the same place I started. So many amazing memories. It's beautiful when life comes full circle and you can see how much you've grown"

Featured In:


TV & Film

Sam transferred his talent from the stage to TV/Feature Films. Starting with a role on "Victoria Cross" alongside Tom Hiddleston AKA (Loki) *shameless actor plug! Sam recalls being on set of 'Ninja Assassin' directed by the Wachowski siblings, this was officially a dream come true! He was working with the masterminds behind the Matrix films (Big fanboy moment) Another standout role for Sam was in "Re-Kill" not everybody gets to chase zombies in a post-apocalyptic world and get paid for it. Sam also had a stint on one of the UK's biggest soap operas "Eastenders" having been born in the East End of London, pretending to be an East Londoner for TV was a "meta experience"


Becoming a Monk

Sam went back to Thailand and became an ordained Monk, as a route to discover his heritage. Being first generation Thai-Chinese, he always felt there was more he could discover about his culture. This experience led him to understand more about himself.

"Accepting oneself is the first seed to bettering oneself and once you're mindful of your own actions, you can be more empathetic to the actions of others"

The biggest lesson Sam learned in the monastery was in relishing the simplicity of a daily routine bringing a sense of serenity.


"When you have nothing of physical value it heightens your personal wealth in mindset and knowledge"


Football is an integral part of Sam's life, his father was a coach and this was his introduction into fitness. After years of competing and playing, Sam took over organising a community organisation called 'Thai UK Football'. The 20 year old organisation was founded by his father and served as bridge for the Thai community to connect with others from both Thailand and England. Over the years the organisation evolved, engaging with other communities and gathering over 500 people to play football at events across the year.


This included playing in premiership stadiums at Chelsea, Manchester United, Leicester City, Liverpool and Everton.The organisation also worked with "The Hero Academy of Football Charity" bringing 30 children from disadvantaged areas of Thailand to tour and play in some of the biggest stadiums in the world.

Sam Yo Thai UK Football.jpg

"The power of community is so important, its even more important to share that with others."

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Sam Yo has an Advanced Level 3 Diploma (YMCA), Level 3 NASM cpt, Pilates Comprehensive Mat Training (KANE School). He also has Accredited Cycling Certificates from (KEISER, SCHWINN, YMCA, VELOCITY)

Schwinn Fitness.png

Yo has taught:

- One on One Personal Training 

- High End Group Classes

- Boxing Combat

- Kettle Bell Flow

- Primal Flow

- Precision and Skillmills Running

- Power Plate Conditioning and Rehab

- Bootcamp

- Indoor Cycling

- Barrè Conditioning

Served the Gains at:

Gym Box.png
Soho Gym.jpg



Sam joined the roster of elite Peloton instructors in 2019. Being 1 out of 600 instructors, from across the UK and US. Vetted and auditioned over a duration of 6 months, before a 3 month training period (No pressure)


"Learning how to smile at the camera, memorising your programme, while your heart rate is buzzing at 80%, is not as easy as it looks and that is only 20% of what it takes to be on that bike (Not to mention thousands of people watching you, if you mess up)" 

Sam joined Peloton with the hopes, to connect and inspire others in a positive light.

"It gives me something beyond my own self purpose"

Being a face in fitness that he never had growing up, Sam is extremely grateful having the opportunity to reflect visibility. Sam strives to widen the lens within the scope of fitness, through his mindful character, professional experience and cheesy anecdotes.

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